Replacement Glass

We can supply a wide range of stove glass shipped direct to yourself.

Replacement glass cutting service on site for any size glass, if you would like to order them, please follow the steps below and complete the enquire box and we will get back with a price including delivery.

Step 1 : Identify the stove manufacturer and model of your stove.

Step 2: If you dont know the stove manufacturer or model then measure the size of your glass in length & width in mm.

Step 3: Complete the order and enquire contact box below with all the information and we will email you back with a price including postage.

Note: When fitting new stove glass, please ensure not to over-tighten the glass retaining clips or screws as these will expand with heat, exerting pressure onto the glass. This is also an ideal time to replace your rope seals, please see our separate rope and adhesive listings.

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