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All our supplied liners are manufactured by Duraflue and are HETAS Approved liners.

DURA FLUE Premium Class 1 Stainless Steel 316 or 316/904 Flexible Chimney Liner, to be used when re-lining a masonry chimney only – EN 1856-2 T600 N1 D V2 L50010 G, HETAS approved and CE marked. See technical documents for full specification and installation.

Dura Flue is suitable for:

Seasoned/Kiln/Dried wood
HETAS approved Solid Fuels
HETAS approved Smokeless Fuels (occasional use only)
Gas appliances
Oil Fired appliances

Dura Flue is the only stainless steel flexible chimney liner on the UK market that can be fitted in either direction. This is due to the patented manufacturing process, this not only allows for multi directional use but also makes it extremely difficult for corrosion to set in unlike other traditional flexible flues.

Dura Flue will come wrapped in shrink wrap clearly marked 316 or 904, we apply black tape of the ends of the flue for 316 and white tape for 904. Please make sure you fill out a warranty form for every installation.

As we make all our chimney liners to order you’ll never have to buy a longer length than you need, we make every single liner for you the diameter and length you need it there and then, order online, call in and collect or arrange a same day or next day delivery with us, nothing is a problem.

• HETAS approved and CE marked
• Constant burning temperature of T600 and maximum T1000
• 15 Year Warranty (No quibble)
• Can be fitted either way up
• No folds or flaps on the inside
• Extremely tough and strong
• Smooth inner
• Protective outer
• Flexible and Durable
• Premium flue and quality assured

What’s in the Dura Flue Liner kit :

  • Flexible Flue Liner. HETAS Approved.
  • Adapters
  • Terminal.
  • Data Plate
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